Jul 052016

A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans & Tobias fucking Luke Adams & Colton Grey at Men


It’s time to introduce hot new scenes at Men.com in July. Besides from three new episodes of gay xxx parody “Captain America” and “Tarzan”, it’s nice to see hot muscled stud Tobias and Ricky Larkin get their tight bubble asses fucked again.

It’s nice to see hot macho hunk Ricky fucked again. Ricky bottomed for Johnny Rapid in a twink master fetish scene. For those who love to watch a big macho hunk dominated and topped by a small twink, you’re gonna love this scene.

In “Tarzan” part 2, former Corbinfisher model Tobias bottoms for Diego Sans. In “Captain America” part 3, Paddy O’Brian pounds Alex Mecum’s hot ass. In “Tarzan” part 3, Diego and Tobias will fuck Luke Adams and Colton Grey.

It’s been quite a while we have not seen a new Top to Bottom episode. I know Men.com is working on it and trying to convince an established top to give up his virgin ass. But only the director knows when the new T2B scene is gonna be released. Just be patient!

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A Sneak Peek of Dalton Briggs fucking Will Braun at Str8togay


[Jul 07] “Becoming A Man“, Dalton Briggs Fucks Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Tobias at Men


[Jul 08] “Tarzan A Gay XXX Parody Part 2“, Diego Sans Fucks Tobias


A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian fucking Alex Mecum at Men


[Jul 09] “Captain America A Gay XXX Parody Part 3“, Paddy O’Brian Fucks Alex Mecum


A Sneak Peek of Johnny Rapid fucking Ricky Larkin at Drillmyhole


[Jul 10] “Twink Master Part 1“, Johnny Rapid Fucks Ricky Larkin


A Sneak Peek of Phenix Saint fucking Aspen at Men


[Jul 11] “Euphoria“, Phenix Saint Fucks Aspen


A Sneak Peek of Colby Jansen fucking Mike Tanner at Str8togay


[Jul 12] “Family Secrets Part 2“, Colby Jansen Fucks Mike Tanner


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans & Tobias fucking Luke Adams & Colton Grey at Men 01


[Jul 15] “Tarzan A Gay XXX Parody Part 3“, Diego Sans and Tobias Fuck Luke Adams and Colton Grey


A Sneak Peek of Connor Maguire fucking Will Braun at Str8togay


[Jul 18] “Straight Guy Pact“, Connor Maguire Fucks Will Braun


Watch The Full Video – 10 Upcoming Hot Scenes in July, 2016


  5 Comments to “Men – 10 Hot New Scenes Starring Dalton Briggs, Diego Sans, Tobias, Aspen, Ricky Larkin, Mike Tanner, Colton Grey”

  1. Why Johnny? I’d rather see Colby Jansen or Alex Mecum top Ricky.

  2. I know Johnny is popular among a segment of gays, but do his fans really want to see him topping? I love Ricky — and I’ll probably sign up just to see him fucked again, but this is a disappointment. Hey, a smaller dude or nerdy nude is fine, but not Johnny. Nice to see Aspen and Luke fucked again — but looks like another disappointing bottom for Colby. They need to get Jessy Ares to bottom again — even if that means letting his husband do the honors (don’t think he bottoms any more outside of his marriage). And men.com should make an offer to one of the daddies at mormonboyz — maybe that site’s members don’t want to watch men get fucked — but I’m sure there are enough men.com patrons who feel differently.

  3. I want to see Paddy flip fuck Diego, or Alex Mecum filp fuck Colby Jansen. I don’t get why Diego now becomes a total top at Men.

    • Totally agree in the latter part, I did search for Diego old bottom scenes and were impressed, and he nearly cum hand free while being fucked

  4. Well, I don’t see a Dennis West, Hector DeSilva or Bennett Anthony, but what’s there ought to get me though this damn hot weather with enough entertainment.

    I agree with Todd90, but Diego may have actually have gotten a no-bottoming stipulation in his MEN contract. We were told that up front when Jarec Wentworth moved there. Wentworth’s very last Cody scene where Stu barebacks him and creams Jarec internally may have something to do with the only-lukewarm critical esteem I’ve read of his MEN product.

    alex’s idea of MEN coaxing one or more of Mormon daddies over makes my mouth water; from your lips to God’s ears, buddy.

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