Jun 112016

Joey and Blake flip-fuck raw, Daniel barebacks and breeds Manny at Seancody


I am lazy to introduce Seancody’s two scenes one by one, so I put them together. Joey and Blake take turns barebacking each other’s bubble asses, with hot feltching action. Daniel fucks two hot loads out of Manny before he breeds Manny.

Watch The Full Video – Two Hot Scenes of Joey, Blake, Daniel and Manny


Joey and Blake bareback flip-fuck with hot feltching action at Seancody


Both Joey and Blake are popular muscle jock bottoms at Seancody. Even though someone said “two bottoms can not make one top”, I can guarantee you this scene is pretty hot. The feltching action is the highlight. It’s also hot as hell watching Blake creampie Joey.

Watch The Full Video – Joey Flip-Fucks Blake – Hot Feltching Action


Hot scruffy Daniel barebacks and breeds Manny at Seancody


Daniel fucking Manny is also full of hot ass to mouth action. Daniel barebacks Manny in a various of hot positions before he fucks two hot loads of Manny. Daniel breeds Manny in first round and gives Manny a hot facial in second round.

Watch The Full Video – Daniel Breeds and Fucks Two Hot Loads out of Manny


  One Comment to “Seancody – Joey and Blake Flip-Fuck – Daniel Barebacks Manny”

  1. Looks-wise, I’m destined never to be able to resist Daniel, but his performances are seeming awfully manic to me lately. Just once, I’d like to see a clip where he’s laid-back, contemplative and methodical in his approach. I suppose it’s a good thing he doesn’t work at Mormon Boyz, where their often sleepwalking pace wouldn’t know what hit them.

    And oh yes(!) a robust welcome back to the reliably fun Joey. 🙂

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