Apr 282016

A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Will Braun & Billy Santoro at Str8togay


It’s time to introduce upcoming hot scenes at Men.com in May, 2016. Besides from popular stars Adam Bryant, Diego Sans Alex Mecum and Jessy Ares, we also have Colby Keller, Vadim Black, Brenden Cage, Cooper Reed come back.

Diego Sans and Adam Bryant continue to show us their solid topping skills. Colby Keller flip-fucking JJ Knight is a hot scene I won’t miss. Both Colby and JJ are big-dicked guys. It’s hot as hell watching two hung tops fuck each other nice and deep.

The threeway of Dennis West fucking Will Braun & Billy Santoro is also pleased to eyes. You could also keep an eye on a hot orgy starring Brenden Cage, Dennis West, JJ Knight, Billy Santoro and Will Braun.

As to the new “Top to Bottom” episode, all I can say is Men.com is still working on it. And Mindgeek will launch a brand new mega site featuring hot sex of reality dudes. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!


Watch The Full Video – 24 Upcoming Hot Scenes in May, 2016


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Brendan Phillips at Str8togay


[May 03] “My Wife Can’t Find Out Part 2“, Dennis West Fucks Brendan Phillips


A Sneak Peek of Jessy Ares fucking Dario Beck at Str8togay


[May 04] “Language Barrier Part 2“, Jessy Ares Fucks Dario Beck


A Sneak Peek of Vadim Black fucking Allen King at Drillmyhole


[May 07] “Son Swap Part 7“, Vadim Black Fucks Allen King


A Sneak Peek of Ricky Decker fucking Tommy Regan at Men


[May 09] “Mine“, Ricky Decker Fucks Tommy Regan


A Sneak Peek of Hector De Silva fucking Matt Anders at Str8togay


[May 10] “Language Barrier Part 3“, Hector De Silva Fucks Matt Anders


A Sneak Peek of Darin Silvers fucking Landon Mycles at Bigdicksatschool


[May 11] “College Physicals Part 1“, Darin Silvers Fucks Landon Mycles


A Sneak Peek of Dennis West fucking Will Braun & Billy Santoro at Str8togay 01


[May 12] “A Hollywood Story Part 2“, Dennis West Fucks Will Braun & Billy Santoro


A Sneak Peek of Diego Sans fucking Asher Hawk at Str8togay


[May 13] “The Pilot Part 2“, Diego Sans Fucks Asher Hawk


A Sneak Peek of Colby Keller flip-fucking JJ Knight at Drillmyhole


[May 15] “From Another Time“, Colby Keller Flip-Fucks JJ Knight


A Sneak Peek of Phenix Saint fucking Jack Hunter at Drillmyhole


[May 16] “America’s Finest Part 1“, Phenix Saint Fucks Jack Hunter


A Sneak Peek of Brenden Cage, Dennis West & JJ Knight fucking Billy Santoro & Will Braun at Jizzorgy


[May 19] “A Hollywood Story Part 3“, Brenden Cage, Dennis West & JJ Knight Fuck Billy Santoro & Will Braun


A Sneak Peek of Trenton Ducati fucking Vadim Black at Drillmyhole


[May 21] “Son Swap Part 9“, Trenton Ducati Fucks Vadim Black


A Sneak Peek of Roman Todd fucking Landon Mycles at Drillmyhole


[May 23] “America’s Finest Part 2“, Roman Todd Fucks Landon Mycles


A Sneak Peek of Cooper Reed fucking Johnny Rapid at Str8togay


[May 24] “The Tank“, Cooper Reed Fucks Johnny Rapid


A Sneak Peek of Adam Bryant fucking Landon Mycles at Bigdicksatschool


[May 25] “College Physicals Part 3“, Adam Bryant Fucks Landon Mycles


Watch The Full Video – 24 Upcoming Hot Scenes in May, 2016


  8 Comments to “Men – 24 Hot New Scenes Starring Vadim Black, Dennis West, Brenden Cage, Matt Anders, Landon Mycles, Cooper Reed”

  1. A month worth of previews — and not one that interests me. Same old guys on the bottom — nothing exciting.. Jessy Ares still only topping. I like Brenden Cage, but he’s only topping of course. The year started so promising with Adam Bryant getting fucked — and then Ricky Larkin and the Star Wars spoof. But they blew it with the Superman only topping Batman (bad casting), and this month is definitely a snooze fest.

  2. I agree. Who’s gonna pay to see the same guys fuck the same way?

  3. Not bad. 3 hot scenes I like to see. Colby and JJ ‘s flip-flop, Phenix fucking Jack Hunter,
    Trenton & Vadim.

  4. I thought Brenden Cage already retired. He is a daddy now. maybe he could work for mormonboyz

  5. I don’t know about you guys. But I’ve been never tired of watching Landon Mycles get fucked. Landon got a nice ass.

  6. Well, I don’t see a Paddy, a Jack King or a Jansen in these, but they were represented well enough this month, Jansen getting three clips including a fresh bottoming. If they’re not slated to show up in May, that’s okay; if June comes with nothing, it’ll be time enough for a little alarm.

    I see sufficient instances here to keep me interested. I am in no way tired of Dennis West, or even close yet. Ares topping all the time, yes, is wanting for surprise, but at least he’s competent at it. Santoro, Braun, Beck, DeSilva, Silvers, Mycles, Sans and Saint can’t all manage to disappoint, and yes, the Keller-Knight flipflop would seem poised to be the most memorable of this round. Trenton Ducati is four years at doing this, and yet when he turns up in anything new, I’m still glad for it.

    This batch won’t leave me complaining too much. 🙂

    • I never found Dennis West hot when he was at SC years ago. Now he became a daddy. I suddenly find Dennis’ appeal is obvious.

      • Dennis is another one, like Connor Kline and Jarec Wentworth, that I didn’t know had started out at Cody before coming to Men or other places. Cody’s frustrating practice of not giving its players last names means you could miss half of some favorite’s career, particularly if you don’t visit promotional message boards like mensparkle and others.

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