Mar 032016

President Nelson and President Oaks bareback Elder White in Bonds of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz


It’s another hot raw threeway starring Elder White with hot daddies President Oaks and President Nelson. Watch Oaks and Nelson take turns barebacking White’s hot ass until Nelson creampies White.

In last Chapter “The Covenant”, silver daddy Oaks creampied White. Now it’s Nelson’s turn to creampie this cute missionary in the beautiful temples.

White blows Nelson’s fat cock as Oaks mounts White from behind. Then they switch the position. Nelson barebacks White in missionary style as Oaks face fucks White.

Oaks uploads his sticky loads before White sucks Oaks’ dripping cock dry. Nelson keeps pounding White until he blows his hot cum completely inside White’s warm ass.


Watch The Full Video – Macho Daddy President Nelson Creampies Elder White

President Nelson and President Oaks bareback Elder White in Bonds of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz 01


President Nelson and President Oaks bareback Elder White in Bonds of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – Macho Daddy President Nelson Creampies Elder White


  7 Comments to “Mormonboyz – President Nelson, President Oaks & Elder White – Bonds of Brotherhood”

  1. I don’t remember agreeing to marry “Elder White” but it sure feels like the relationship has been that long. 12 chapters and still at least one more to go. If we’re never going to see the older guys flipflop or anything with one another, could they at least be allowed to moonlight at another outfit. (“President” Ryan Wilcox already does.)

  2. I strongly echo that comment! I don’t know who could possibly care if White gets fucked for the nth time on this site. Yeah, these new dads bring some spice but if they are only topping and never getting fucked — it’s just frustrating. The nice thing about mboyz is that it keeps bringing in new peformers. The bad thing is that the guys I want to see fucked almost never are (seeing hot daddy Woodruff take a dick would have gotten me to subscribe immediately). Another problem is that too many of the new elders are even more boyish than before — very lean and too young. As I have said elsewhere — why not put that bench to use and have one of the dads sit on a dildo while they have a lad suck him off. Or have a dad top another dad who is topping the elder. Perhaps mboyz doesn’t realize how hot a scenario is when the guy with all the control gets fucked. I don’t mnd seeing the young guys getting fucked, but it would be nice to see their stories end with getting to plow of the dads who fucked them silly for weeks on end.

  3. I love these hot daddies. why you insist they have to get fucked? They are great daddy tops I dream of. They can fuck me any time.

    • Willy, it isn’t just that they don’t bottom, it’s that the silly ritualization that Mormon Boyz confines itself to often under-utilizes these fine men as well. How many clips have we seen where the “Patriarch,” “Bishops” and “Presidents” not only never undress but are largely used to just stand around and observe? Do we really need to watch every elder work his way across that bench of increasing sized buttplugs? Mormon Boyz has fantastic potential, but like the denomination it taunts, it needs to loosen up its own orthodoxy.

    • But what law is there that a boy can’t fuck a man — or watch while two other men fuck? Mormonboyz is fiction– and can do whatever it wants. I guess if you’re just happy seeing boys on the bottom and men on the top — you don’t want to see a change, but not everyone feels the same way. I like the fiction aspect — and I like seeing characters return — but I don’t know why anyone would want see the same little dude passed around week after week.

  4. Some hot older men have been popular for years in gay porn even if they are strict tops. I do not see any problem with that. I enjoy watching hot daddies top the younger. And I believe many others feel the same.

  5. Willy, I don’t thnk anyone is arguing that. I mean — this site is built on that fan base — otherwise, it wouldn’t exist. Some of us may just wish that the stories weren’t so rote — young thing gets felt up, fucked — rinse and repeat several times. To date only Brother Angus has given up his fine ass (love his scenes — because he’s also such complete top when he tops — but is willing to give himself up to a young man.

    We really have no idea (well, I have suspicions) whether these guys are strict tops or not. Plenty of famous gay tops were known to be be versatile in real life (I think that is the reality with porn stars — as they are more open to exploring their sexuality — even if they don’t share it in front of the camera). I’d just like to see a bit more variety and imagination — not asking for this to become the lads fuck dads site — just a bit more reciprocating. I think it would be great if an elder’s story ended with getting a piece of ass as his reward.

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