Jun 302015

A Sneak Peek of Connor Maguire & Paddy O'Brian having a flip-flop at Drillmyhole


It’s time to introduce upcoming hot scenes at Men.com in July. Paddy O’Brian finally sucks dick for the first time! Dennis West (former Seancody model Dennis) gets fucked by Will Braun. And how about new “Top to Bottom” episode?

We’ve been waiting Paddy giving head to another guy for years. Finally, this cocky macho hunk takes a dick in his mouth. The lucky guy is Connor Maguire. Paddy not only deep-throats Connor’s thick cock, but also flip-fucks Connor.

Veteran Seancody model Dennis will have his Men.com debut and bottom for Will Braun. Dennis looks hot as fuck with his new rugged macho look. It’s also nice to see muscled studs Letterio Amadeo, Jorge Fusco and Bennett Anthony get their bubble asses fucked again.

As to fans-favorite new “Top to Bottom” episode, I can confirm one T2B will be released in Summer and another one will be released in Fall. But I’ve not got the releasing date yet. I will let you know once I have updated info. Stay tuned!

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A Sneak Peek of Paul Canon fucking Jake Wilder at Drillmyhole


[Jul 02] “Mormon Undercover Part 1“, Paul Canon Fucks Jake Wilder


A Sneak Peek of Connor Maguire & Paddy O'Brian having a flip-flop at Drillmyhole 01


[Jul 03] “Gay Of Thrones Part 5“, Connor Maguire & Paddy O’Brian Flip-Fuck


A Sneak Peek of Theo Ford fucking Letterio at Drillmyhole


[Jul 05] “Pride Madrid“, Theo Ford Fucks Letterio Amadeo


A Sneak Peek of Jimmy Durano fucking Jorge Fusco at Str8togay


[Jul 07] “Not Brothers Yet Part 8“, Jimmy Durano Fucks Jorge Fusco


A Sneak Peek of Jason Maddox fucking Paul Canon at Drillmyhole


[Jul 09] “Mormon Undercover Part 2“, Jason Maddox Fucks Paul Canon


A Sneak Peek of Will Braun fucking Dennis West at Drillmyhole


[Jul 10] “My Mom’s New Husband Part 2“, Will Braun Fucks Dennis West


A Sneak Peek of Johnny Rapid fucking Darius Ferdynand & Gabriel Cross at Drillmyhole


[Jul 11] “Gay Of Thrones Part 6“, Johnny Rapid Fucks Darius Ferdynand & Gabriel Cross


A Sneak Peek of Rafael Alencar fucking Garrett Cooper at Str8togay


[Jul 12] “Scared Str8 Part 1“, Rafael Alencar Fucks Garrett Cooper


A Sneak Peek of Jason Maddox fucking Bennett Anthony at Str8togay


[Jul 14] “Not Brothers Yet Part 9“, Jason Maddox Fucks Bennett Anthony

Watch The Full Video – 15 Upcoming Hot Scenes in July


  6 Comments to “Men – 15 Hot New Scenes Starring Paddy O’Brian, Letterio, Jorge Fusco, Dennis West, Bennett Anthony, Jason Maddox and More”

  1. all the date say June… and this is for July?

  2. Typo. Corrected. Thanks.

  3. New Top to Bottom?

    I think this is just rumors

    • Its not rumors, Adam Bryant role in his twitter that he is gonna bottom soon 🙂 hope Paddy do the honors. Also would love to see Topher bottom again and properly this time…

  4. So there’re two t2b scenes waiting to be released? Can we play a guessing game for the new one again.

  5. Wasn’t the new Top to Bottom promised at the end of May?

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