Jul 252014

A sneak peek of Colby Jansen and Zeb Atlas having a hot fucking at Men


Looks like Men.com will release a big update. Two big stars Colby Jansen and Zeb Atlas are paired up to have a hot scene. Guess who is top and who is bottom, or maybe it’s a flip-flop?

Colby and Zeb are a perfect match. Both guys are masculine and hunky with gorgeous muscle butts. It would be hot as hell watching any of them take a hard dick up that muscular ass. And Zeb’s never bottomed up. Maybe it’s about the time. 😀

This scene is called “Tour of Duty“. The trailer will be available in the Men.com members area on July 28, 2014 (coming Monday). And the full video will be released on Aug 01, 2014 (next Friday). More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay Tuned!


Watch The Full Video – Hot Fucking of Colby Jansen and Zeb Atlas


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  1. Looks like Colby will bottom. No sensation. Colby becomes nice slut

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