Jan 262013


Prolific Falcon Director John Bruno has taken his own life just a few days ago. You can read details from Falcon’s official blog. I was shocked to hear about the passing of John Bruno. And I wanna share my opinions. It’s not about porn, but the life.

People are different and have different lives. I don’t dare to judge others about how they should lead a life. We all suffer depression from time to time, either from work or from life. Every time I get depressed I always look at things positive. I am worried about if I die tomorrow, I’m gonna miss too many good things I haven’t got a chance to experience.

I have not been to Paris, beautiful African wild worlds, Australia, and many other good places. I can’t taste delicious seafood any more if I die tomorrow. I can not follow my favorite porn star’s bottoming debut if I die tomorrow…

Every time I see those poor skinny African children starving under sunshine, I feel I am so lucky to have a better life. I don’t need to be rich. As long as I’m healthy and happy, that’s good enough.


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