Sep 022012

big dick Adam Killian and masculine Jessy Ares Flip-Flop at Lucasentertainment 01


A few things turn me on in this video: 1) Adam Killian and Jessy Ares have hot and passionate kisses through the scene. 2) Jessy Ares’ short hair and bearded look are so masculine. 3) Jessy and Adam Killian did a very nice rimming job, esp when Adam rides Jessy’s face in a reverse cowgirl. 4) Jessy’s muscle hole is so tight. It’s not easy for Adam to penetrate Jessy. Adam has to rim Jessy’s ass again then fucks Jessy doggy one more time. 5) Jessy fucks the loads out of Adam. A hot scene from Lucasentertainment.

big dick Adam Killian and masculine Jessy Ares Flip-Flop at Lucasentertainment 02


Watch The Full Video – Adam Killian & Jessy Ares Flip-Fuck

Adam Killian and Jessy Ares are two hardcore gay porn stars of epic proportions — they’re both handsome, muscular like two titans, and have a big fat cock between their legs. When they’re done chatting they move into one another and don’t hold back — nor should they! Both guys have gorgeous bodies that look like walls of masculine meat, and when they collide in lust it’s unforgettable. Jessy is a pro at sucking suck, and he really works out his neck while he bobs his head up and down on Adam’s fat cock, and it works the other way around too.

Adam licks Jessy’s tight little hole and prepares to slip into it by rolling on a condom. Adam mounts Jessy like an animal, and Adam’s own round bubble butt flexes and sticks out as his dick slips in. Adam isn’t know to take it easy, and Jessy has to call up all his strength to handle the pumping and thrusting that Adam delivers to him. The muscle gods flip and Adam takes a seat on Jessy’s cock, who shows just as much aggression in his fucking to get even. But it’s all in good fun, and their killer cum shots prove it!


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