Sep 052012

cute Jake Bass pounds handsome Ben Rose at Cockyboys 01


Handsome new comer Ben Rose lost his virginity last time for Gabriel Clark (Check my post here: Gabriel Clark Fucks Ben Rose). Now Ben gets fucked for the second time. The top goy is our cute Cockyboys star Jake Bass. Both guys start making out with romantic kisses and body touch. After mutual blowjobs, thet get horny enough. It’s time for Jake pounding Ben’s tight ass. Jake’s wild and intense fucking drives Ben crazy. I really enjoy Ben’s moaning while he gets fucked hard and Ben’s look is full of pleasure and pain. Jake fucks Ben in different positions till they reach the climax and shoot their huge loads. Now I will follow Ben’s every bottoming scene because it’s damn hot.

cute Jake Bass pounds handsome Ben Rose at Cockyboys 02


Watch The Full Video – Ben’s second time Bottoming

If there’s one guy in the industry who thinks opposites attract, that would have to be the self-proclaimed sexual deviant, Jake Bass. Jake has had his way with plenty of CockyBoys stars, proving there’s no guy he can’t sway into bed with him. In this video, Jake explains how he usually doesn’t have to try with a lot of guys, and that most of the time, they just fall into his lap (pun intended of course!).

But for the ones that prove a little tricky, he’ll go out of his way to make an impression on them. Whether it’s a few text messages, a night of savage ass pounding, or both (in any order), something tells me our handsome and naive new star, Ben Rose, has no idea what he’s in for. Just wait for his massive cumshot at the end… you know you’ve officially been conquered by Jake Bass when you cum in your own face!


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