Aug 272012

Jackson rubs, rims and blows beefy Clayton Jasper at Southernstrokes 01


Jackson was the first boy I thought of, when Clayton Jasper said he was up for getting his cock sucked by another dude. Jackson was so excited to get his hands on Clayton that I knew it was gonna be a blow job to remember for our Southern Muscle Stud. Did I mention that I love seeing a beefy guy like Clayton getting serviced by a small bottom boy…

Jackson rubs, rims and blows beefy Clayton Jasper at Southernstrokes 02


Watch The Full Video – Servicing Clayton Jasper

Clayton was a little hung over on the day of our shoot and he was moving a little slow. We started  with a blindfold on Clayton and let Jackson explore his body with his mouth. Jackson started on Clayton’s mammoth concrete guns kissing and rubbing them as Clayton sat their naked with a semi-hard cock.

Jackson worked his tongue down to Clayton’s beefy ass; gently darting his tongue in and out of Clayton’s tight hole. (much to Clayton’s pleasure). After giving him a complete tongue bath, Jackson took Clayton big thick rod in his hands and slowly worked his tongue up and down Clayton’s shaft.

Clayton was obviously getting the best blowjob of his life as he grabbed the back of Jackson’s head and started to fuck his mouth. This only made Jackson want Clayton’s cock all the more. What Jackson really wanted was to taste the nutt of this stud. Jackson finally went to town on Clayton’s cock with reckless abandon until Clayton squirted his huge sticky load in the back of Jackson throat. Jackson savored Clayton’s salty seed befor spitting it out onto Clayton’s still pulsating cock.


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