Aug 272012

Hot Straight Paddy OBrian rims and fucks cute twink Jimmy Fanz at Falconstudios 01


Hot Straight man Paddy O’Brian tops fans-favorite hottie Jimmy Fanz. Is this Paddy rimming a guy for the first time? Anyway it’s pretty hot to watch Straight Paddy tongue-fucks Jimmy’s sweet hole before he replaces it with his monster cock. Jimmy enjoys every moment of taking Paddy’s big dick up his tight ass in different positions. Definitely this is a hot pair we are looking for.

Hot Straight Paddy OBrian rims and fucks cute twink Jimmy Fanz at Falconstudios 02


Watch The Full Video – Summer Lust – Paddy O’Brian Fucks Jimmy Fanz

A pair of pretty stunning Falcon Exclusives take a thrilling tumble when Paddy O’Brian gives his dominating cock to dazzling newcomer Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy’s a happy-go-lucky hottie, who takes a fiery ass-grilling and busts a nut all over Paddy. Jimmy goes googly-eyed when Paddy walks in, and when Jimmy cunningly strips off his clothes and wades into the pool, the sparkling super stud, Paddy, is quick to follow.

Paddy locks lips with Jimmy and clutches their bodies together, pressing their cocks into one over heated package. Jimmy gets seriously down on Paddy’s supersize tool, and drags him to the bedroom where the two hairy chested men get into high energy fucking. Paddy’s a heaving, sweaty fuck machine. His bodacious cock jackhammers nuts deep into Jimmy’s hole, stretching it wider than Jimmy thought possible. The pummeling speed strokes make Jimmy wail. It’s a total meltdown for Jimmy, and his spunk explodes. Paddy blows an earthquake orgasm, leaving a prize of thick white cum pearls nestled in the curly black hair on Jimmy’s belly.


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