Aug 272012

sexy Austin Wilde tops Pierre Fitch & Anthony Romero threeway at Cockyboys 01


Gentlemen, today is a special day as we are about to welcome porn’s favorite couple into our Cockyboys family – Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde! The world-famous trouble makers have won the hearts (and cocks) of many around the globe and if you ever watch gay porn (that’s all of you who are reading this right now) then those two need no introduction. We welcomed both of them with open arms (and legs) and so did our cockyboys. At one of the events that we did recently, I noticed that Austin and Anthony were taking a special interest in Pierre Fitch and Anthony’s face pretty much had “I’m ready when you are!” written all over it…

sexy Austin Wilde tops Pierre Fitch & Anthony Romero threeway at Cockyboys 02


Watch The Full Video – Austin Wilde Fucks Anthony Romero & Pierre Fitch

I could see how Austin was reading the signs and already planning a threesome in his head. We didn’t really have to do much to make it happen. Basically, we put Austin and Anthony in a room and gave them Pierre’s number. A couple picture messages (of Anthony’s hole waiting to be fucked) later and Pierre was knocking on the door, ready to plow the fuck out of the muscle stud!

Him and Austin decided to take turns on Anthony and, although, it was a perfectly sunny 76 outside, Anthony’s hole caught on fire and it took all day to put it out. Phew! Luckily, no one got hurt but they did have to shoot Anthony in the face a couple of times. With their loads, duh. Now, who wants to be the next target?


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