Aug 222012

Hot Axl and tattooed Domenic Flip-fuck at Activeduty 01


For those of you with an addiction to Axl, you’re in luck! Active Duty brought back their own gorgeous superstar Axl for an intimate duo scene with recently-returned stud Domenic. What results is a flip-flop pairing that is just beauty in motion…

Hot Axl and tattooed Domenic Flip-fuck at Activeduty 02


Watch The Full Video – Axl and Domenic Flip-Flop

The scene kicks off in the shower, where the boys are cleaning up before getting dirty. The guys are already hard, the kisses are already happening, and the sucking starts immediately. Axl drops to his knees, engulfing Domenic’s big cock in his mouth while the water cascades down his face and body. The tall Axl (all 6’3″ of him) looks amazing in the shower, as he stands up to let Domenic orally please him. He jokes, as Domenic sucks him, that “those girls we got those numbers from might have to take a lesson from us!”

From the shower the guys move to the bed, where we get to see some amazing angles as they take turns engulfing each other’s big dicks. Both guys have fantastic bodies, and I’m personally addicted to Axl’s ass, which could be that of an olympic medalist. Axl is a real trooper as he swallows Domenic’s monster whole, and then get’s the favor repaid as he gets on his knees and works his tool down Domenic’s throat. After that, the guys switch up to a delicious 69 position, which I could watch all day.

After the 69ing, Domenic wants to see Axl’s hole up close and the inspection is enough to almost drive you over the edge. Hang on though, because the action is far from over. Domenic is first at bat, and we get to see his own gorgeous ass as he drives his thick shaft into Axl’s perfect ass. The thrusting gets Axl so turned on, that he says it’s his turn to fuck Domenic.

Axl gets Domenic on his back, and starts sliding his long tool in and out. He even manages to suck him simultaneously while thrusting! The action is intense as Axl rails Domenic, including some great long-stroking. Eventually, Domenic can’t take it anymore and explodes a big creamy load all over his stomach, and Axl quickly follows. Even after, Axl is still hard and ready to go again. We’re not getting a round two out of these guys just yet, but they do close out with a couple of shared kisses before it fades to black.


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