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Devon Dexx has a presence that you can’t help but notice him in a crowded room. With his perfect hair, sexy facial hair and those bulging muscles you are easily drawn to him. Up close his personality shines as much as his sexiness. Great smile and great skin that you just want to touch. Seeing this man naked is a treat for your eyes making you wish the treat would never end.

Devon Dexx wakes up from bed ready to get his muscles pumped and start his day. Using some resistance bands, his muscles wake up and he’s ready to take a shower. The hot water and the shaving of his beautiful skin gets his cock to wake up too. Relaxing in his robe, he gets a few texts that keeps his cock excited and he can’t help but start to stroke. Now that his whole body is awake he can practice posing his muscles by putting on some sexy posers and oiling up to show off with every flex to come.

Watch The Full Video – Muscle Wake-Up – Part 1

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  1. he is beefy and handsome. Looke like muscle Ronnie?
    I know they are different person

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