Jul 192012



Seth is trying to convince us that he’s not gay. He only likes to get nailed by them just out of curiosity. Well Seth. Today is going to be your lucky day. You get to experience another non-gay encounter. What an idiot!. Izzy doesn’t care. Gay or not, your going to get your ass-hole rearranged in many ways than one. All we know is that Izzy’s huge penis is going in there balls deep. looks like It’s Gonna Hurt. Enjoy!

Izzy has a monster cock over 8″. It’s really pain in the ass for Seth to take it. Once he gets fucked in different positions I bet he needs at least one week to recover. The scene from Itsgonnahurt featuring big black dickĀ in tight white ass is pretty hot!

Watch The Full Video – Curious Guy Takes The Hammer

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