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Lost in the woods Dimitri reached a remote barnyard. After eating he fell asleep. A farmer noticed the intruder and a fight  started. The victorious and horny soldier wants some fun now. Dimitri just wanted to pee. When he finished all of his comrades left. First he thought it was just a bad joke but then he realized that he was all alone right in the middle of nowhere. He went a few meters but as there was literally no trace of his regiment he decided to rest and to call his officer. He got the order to move northwards and join them in the morning.

After he finished his cigarette he started his nightly journey and after about half an hour he reached a remote barn yard. He knocked at the door and since nobody was there he just went inside to stay over night. After a few moments he fell asleep. Tomislav has been a farmer in the third generation. This evening he just wanted to relax after a hard working day. He switched on the TV. But since the signal of his antenna was very bad he had to climb to the roof of the stable and to readjust it. When he came back after about 25 minutes he saw a sleeping soldier who put his gun on his table.

Tomislav grabbed the gun and woke up the soldier.” Hands up! Move to the side!” Dimitri stayed calm and did as he was told. In a short moment of carelessness he overwhelmed the farmer and they started to fight. The soldier was stronger and tied the struggling Tomislav to the table. Dimitri was horny. He didn’t see a women for many weeks now. So he decided to strip-search and to play a few evil games with the helpless, young farmer.

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