Jun 252012



Produced as a tribute to the reality shows we all love to hate, Project GogoBoy chronicles the lives of NYC and Montreal nightlife performers: go-go boys, dancers, strippers, DJs and the owners of the clubs they all work in. Jake Bass is an established gogo boy on the top box who won’t let anybody take that power away from him. Max Ryder is an up and coming gogo dancer that is willing to do anything to get the best sets and music. A dance club DJ, Pierre Fitch has the power to give a dancer great sets and even better music. These three guys are friends, enemies, fighters, and lovers brought together by their passion for nightlife and their desire to get ahead – whatever it takes.

With an all-star supporting cast including Gabriel Clark, Sebastian Young and Tommy Defendi as rival club owners, Seth Knight as an entrepreneurial young dancer, and Stephen Forest as a sweetly naive iPad boy, Project GogoBoy defies convention while blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

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