Jun 292012



Watch The Full Video – Robert Van Damme & Marcus Ruhl

It’s a battle of the bi-ceps with Robert Van Damme and Marcus Ruhl. Each flex and pose, trying to out-do one another. The guys get turned on watching each other, they kiss, and the clothes start to come off. Marcus gets down on his knees to suck Robert’s uncut cock. Robert slowly grows bigger and bigger inside Marcus’s warm mouth. Marcus is also uncut and the two rub and play with their foreskins before Robert swallows Marcus down to his balls.

After Robert has his fill Marcus goes down on Robert to get him hard and ready to fuck. Robert sits back and Marcus hops up on the couch then on Robert’s thick dick. His bubble-butt bobs up and down on Robert, taking every inch deep inside his ass. The action gets steamier as Robert slams Marcus from behind, his muscles flexing with every thrust and pump.

Stroking all the way in and all the way out ­Robert has Marcus in pure ecstasy. Marcus begs for Roberts cum in his mouth and Robert doesn’t disappoint; blasting a huge load all over Marcus’ face and tongue. Robert licks the cum off Marcus’ face and makes sure Marcus gets a taste. Marcus cums right onto Roberts thick dick.

Power top Robert fucks hot new comer latino Marcus. It’s a win-win pairing. Marcus looks so hot esp. when he smiles. The ending is hot while Marcus got a hot facial. I am glad to see Cocksuremen finds some new hot bottoms recently, like Kieron Ryan, Marcus Ruhl.

Watch The Full Video – Robert Van Damme & Marcus Ruhl

  2 Comments to “Cocksuremen – Robert Van Damme Fucks Marcus Ruhl”

  1. Marcus is so hot!! Need more sexy latin men

  2. robert needs to bottom again. tired of his topping scenes.

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