Jun 272012



Brenden Cage is giving Kieron Ryan personal training tips on how to finish his workout. “15 minutes of abs,” Brenden tells Kieron. Kieron begins doing his crunches but it’s not 15 seconds before Brenden is prying off Kieron’s pants to get at his cock. Brenden goes down on Kieron who lets him know that he much prefers this workout routine to doing crunches. After sucking Kieron, Brenden stands up and shoves his dick in Kieron’s face. Kieron sucks Brenden so well that Brenden makes him stop – he’s close to cumming and still wants to fuck.

Before fucking Kieron, Brenden Cage sucks on Kieron’s toes and even gets a foot job! Both guys are amped up and ready to fuck so Kieron leans back and Brenden shoves his cock in, pounding away. Kieron moans ecstatically from the feeling of Brenden inside him. He’s rock hard the whole time he’s being slammed. It feels so good that Kieron pops his load while still riding Brenden. Brenden winds up making quite a mess, spraying all over Kieron’s face.

I don’t know Kieron Ryan. He only had a scene for Cocksuremen before. But I like big tall guy bottoming up. It’s very hot to see Brenden fucks the cum out of Kieron. :d 

Watch The Full Video – Brenden Cage & Kieron Ryan

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