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It’s hard to forget a guy like Active Duty’s big strapping stud Nick Tower, even though he’s been off the radar since his War Chest debut. Recently all of that changed, as they brought in a pro, Kaden Saylor, to take him to the next level. Now, while Nick isn’t ready for everything quite yet, I think you’ll be surprised by what he does do. Not only was Kaden able to get his lips around Nick’s massive cock, but he was able to get his fingers and a toy inside the sexy new recruit’s virgin hole as well.

They start off the 45-minute scene with the camera focused on Nick, who is already playing with himself in his shorts. Dink jokes around with him, saying how when he picked him up in his car, he tricked him into coming over. Nick hits back: “I could have tucked and rolled if I wanted to.”

Now, Active Duty has tried to make a duo with Nick Tower happen before, but his partner always ended up flaking out. Maybe they searched the site and saw how massive his dick was and got scared? Anyways, Kaden’s up for the challenge, so Dink leaves the room for a bit to let the guys get comfortable. After some chatting Kaden goes to work on the massive meat, and I’m not sure how he could fit that in his mouth. Before long Kaden is also working his fingers inside Nick’s virgin hole.

After a while, Kaden says “why don’t you try something different?” And reaches over to produce a beaded toy and begins to work it into Nick’s ass. The beefy stud is shaking and convulsing at the sensation, jerking back as Kaden forces more and more of it in. At one point, Nick shoots a look of death at the camera like, “what did you get me into, Dink?”

One thing’s for sure, Nick’s dick stays as hard as a 2×4 and he’s trying desperately to keep his composure. Kaden keeps thrusting his hole with the beads while Nick alternately grunts, pants and moans. Finally, Nick strokes Kaden while Kaden fingers and strokes him to completion before following up with his own load. As we close out, Kaden tells Nick, “hope to see you again,” and Nick says, “me too.” After some lip-locking, it’s a wrap!

Watch Kaden & Nick Tower at activeduty.com

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  1. Nick is beefy and sexy. He should have hardcore on next scene. Bottoming would be better!

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