Aug 042012


They spit into his face and torture his testicles with their heavy boots. They torture his nipples and fuck him like animals. Finally they order him to cum before he has to swallow their hot sperm.


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The air is dirty and dusty. The martyrdom of Brent already lasts for hours. The soldiers overwhelmed him and dragged him to this place. The ripped off his clothes. They shaved his ass, deep-throated and fucked him. What else could they want from him? Frank is still angry at the small, arrogant dealer. He loves to humiliate him but he still wants more. “So how is it to get the ass pounded? You little fag, tell me, how is it?”

Brent is broken and tries to satisfy his tormentors as good as he can. He only hopes that it will be over soon. The soldiers spit into his face and call him names. They torture his cock and balls with their heavy boots. They play with his nipples and his hairy legs. “I think this little bastards needs to get another fuck. His ass looks still hungry” Frank jokes. No sooner said than done. The soldier who looks like Tarzan takes the boy into a headlock. Frank grabs Brent’s left leg and lifts it. Then he penetrates the crying boy.

The fuck goes on for a while. Suddenly the soldiers stop and order Brent to cum in front of them. After a while he shot his load. Now, as the humiliated dealer sits in his own mess of cum and sweat the soldiers prepare to ejaculate. They cover their prisoner’s face with cum and order him to swallow it. That’s how they leave him. Alone and in despair.

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