Apr 172015

Cast List of 26 Hot models: Andrew, Brett, Bryan, Cadence, Casey, Chase, Dakota, Drake, Eli, Jackson, Jacques, Jake, James, Jay, Josh, Kev, Landon, Nate, Sam, Santiago, Scotty, Trent at at Sketchysex


As requested, today I spend time making a cast list of 26 models at Sketchysex. So fans will be happy to know the names of your favorite models. And I also give the information of their sex roles in the scene.


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Aug 282014

Sam Truitt, Bryan Cavallo and Eli Hunter gangbang creampie Kev with three big loads at Jizz Junkie in Sketchysex


Cocky hungry college dude Kev becomes a cum dumpster at the house. Watch Sam Truitt, Bryan Cavallo and Eli Hunter take turns barebacking Kev before they fuck three big loads in Kev’s slutty hole.


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Jun 262013

Angelo gets gangbang barebacked and bred by Kev, Grant and Shawn in Give Me the Juice at Fraternityx


When Kev, Grant and Shawn walk in, they find Angelo passed out after a crazy party last night. So three horny boys decide to take advantage of this drunk dude. They take turns fucking Angelo’s both holes before they dump their juice in Angelo’s bubble ass.


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Apr 192013

Handsome blond Jansen gets his virgin ass barebacked and bred by Kev and Angelo in Virgin Hole at Fraternityx


This week is so lucky for gay fans. A hot exclusive top finally gives up. Handsome college dude Jensen gets fucked for the first time at Fraternityx. And he gets bred by taking double loads in his virgin ass!


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Apr 022013

Grant gets bareback gangbanged and creampied by five college dudes in 5 Dudes 2 Holes at Fraternityx


Five hot college dudes are so horny on Saturday night. They have a crazy face fucking party in the kitchen. Blond tattooed Grant is cock hungry and he gets both holes filled with big raw dicks from beginning to end.


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