Aug 132017

A Sneak Peek of Paddy O'Brian Fucking Klein Kerr and Massimo Piano at Drillmyhole


It’s time to introduce new scenes at in August. Adam Thicke and Damien Stone make their debut. Macho daddy Myles Landon will feature in three new scenes. Paddy O’Brian will top real couple Klein Kerr and Massimo Piano in a threeway.


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Sep 242012

Masculine hairy daddy Brad Kalvo & Damien Stone mutual oral and jerking off in Fur Mountain at Coltstudiogroup


Lying out in the sun, Damien Stone shows a hot ass in his tight yellow jock as he lays face down in the back yard. Burly Brad Kalvo notices that hot butt and moves in to help apply some oil to the bronzed furry butt cheeks. Applying oil turns into an extended full body massage, which makes both men very hard and very horny…


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Sep 022012

masculine and bearded Derek Parker & Damien Stone Flip-Flop at Ragingstallion 01


Finally, rugged, bearded, masculine and long time power top Damien Stone gets his cherry popped up! The lucky guy is Derek Parker. They are actually a real couple in private life. That’s why Damien would like to bottom for his BF for the first time under the camera. They have hot kisses with a lot of tongue-sucking and lip-locking. Derek rims his BF’s muscle hole very deep before he slides his big dick into Damien’s tight hairy hole. The camera angle is perfect to capture the clear penetration of Derek fucking Damien missionary. Later on Derek returns the favor by having his BF fuck his ass untill both of them reach the climax. I am turned on by watching masculine and rugged men getting fucked. It’s just one of my fatasies. 😀


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Aug 262012

rugged Damien Stone plows bearded Adam Herst at Hairyboyz 01


Damien Stone and Adam Herst try to warm themselves up over a burning fire. They’re quickly locked in each other’s arms, kissing and groping. Damien nurses on Adam’s big long dick, feeling it swell up even larger with every slurp. Then to generate more heat, he tends to Adam’s asshole. Both men are soon overwhelmed with fiery intensity, moving Damien to slam his engorged cock up Adam’s manhole. They fuck recklessly in numerous positions totally locked and loaded with Damien churning in and out of his buddy’s ass.


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