Mar 102015

A hot new cast list of 20 Fraternityx models Alex, Blake, Brad, Bradley, Cadence, Chris, Cowboy, Jay, Josh, Kale, Lane, Liam, Marc, Nick, Owen, Ryan, Sage, Silas, Tony, Trevor at Fraternityx


Finally, I have time to make a new cast list of 20 hot Fraternityx models. For those diehard fans of Fraternityx, you’re gonna be happy to know their names and roles that always get you confused. 😀


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Jul 252014

Hot frat boy Chris gets his virgin hole barebacked and creampied by Stiffer, Ryan and Sage in Balls Deep Yo at Fraternityx


Another hot frat body Chris lost his anal virginity. Watch Stiffer, Ryan and Sage bareback Chris’ tight virgin ass till they fuck the cum out of Chris and creampie Chris with three big loads.


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