Sep 272012

Tattooed straight lad Joe Bond fucks suited slutty bottom Victor Crave at Worldofmen


Suited power bottom Victor Crave is after a great big cock to fill his hungry ass; it’s aching to be spread wide and fucked like never before, and when tattooed straight lad Joe Bond comes in to measure up the new office there is only one thing Victor is thinking about. Tongue-tied as he pictures what he wants from this buff hetero, he pulls out a trump card and gets this young bloke to do as he wants except kissing…


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Sep 152012

handsome muscled Issac Jones Fucks power slutty bottom Scott Hunter at Worldofmen 01


Scott Hunter is a man on a mission, and he’s set his sights on French stud barman Issac Jones. Having a quick pint in the Eagle, he takes his chance and is sure of the outcome. The most upfront and eager Power Bottom in the land, Scott gets his way in the blink of an eye and Issac is his for the taking – literally…


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Aug 242012

Hot Straight Paddy O'Brian kisses and tops Scott Hunter at Worldofmen 01


Another hardcore scene from the hot straight guy Paddy O’Brian who fucks handsome Scott Hunter. Scott’s clean face looks better than his bearded face (IMHO). Paddy kisses a man for the first time? (I am not sure :D). It’s hot to see Scott deeply tongue-fucks Paddy’s muscle virgin ass before he bends over to take Paddy’s monster cock.


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Aug 092012


Cruising the estates for some straight dick, Issac Jones is one of the most beautiful men ever seen on film, dark hair, dark eyes, hot stubble and a ripped torso, covered in an awesome tribal tattoo. Spying a hot fucker walk past, and giving off all the right signs for our handsome man, he follows him upstairs where he’s waiting, topless and dick out, and fucking hell is it a dick!!


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Aug 062012


Searching on the world’s favourite app for the nearest fuck, French beauty Brice Farmer strikes gold with dark featured Jay Roberts right behind him, and with a free flat! Running up the stairs with a semi already starting in his pants, they both strip for each other, turning each other on more and more until their tight white pants can’t take any more and their thick, nicely curved dicks burst out and down their throats!!


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