Mar 262017

President Oaks, Bishop Angus and Elder Esplin gangbang bareback Elder Farnsworth at Mormonboyz


It’s a foursome starring hot Mormon daddies President Oaks and Bishop Angus with blond missionaries Elder Esplin and Elder Farnsworth. Watch Esplin, Angus and Oaks take turns barebacking Farnsworth’s tight ass before Angus fucks the cum out of Farnsworth.


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Feb 122017

Elder Foster and Patriarch Smith bareback President Wilcox in Bonds Of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz


It’s a hot raw threeway starring Elder Foster with sexy Mormon daddies Patriarch Smith and President Wilcox. Watch Smith and Foster take turns barebacking Wilcox’s muscle ass before Wilcox and Foster take turns getting bred.


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Jan 252017

Brother Angel Morales, Elder Stewart and Elder Berry in Adoption Ceremony at Mormonboyz


It’s nice to see hot straight jock Brother Angel Morales back in action in a threeway with two cute missionaries Elders Stewart and Berry. Watch Angel bareback Stewart’s tight ass while Mormon daddy Patriarch Smith is watchint Berry blow a sticky load.


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