Jan 012017

Patriarch Smith and President Olsen bareback Elder Stewart in Setting Apart at Mormonboyz


Cute missionary Elder Stewart goes through with a “Setting Apart” test supervised by hot Mormon daddies Patriarch Smith and President Olsen. Watch big-dicked Olsen bareback Stewart balls deep until he fucks a juicy load out of Stewart and breeds Stewart.

It’s nice to see Patriarch Smith come back, but I introduce this scene for President Olsen, a mysterious Mormon daddy who wears a mask all the time. Olsen has a long, big dick with two low hangers, and he is a big cummer.

Two daddies strip Stewart bare, explore his naked smooth body and play with his dick and balls. Stewart gets on his back as Olsen shoves his hard raw cock up Stewart’s tight little hole. Smith holds Stewart’s legs so Olsen can drill Stewart deep.

Smith jerks his own hard cock while he massages Stewart’s chest. Olsen fucks a nice load out of Stewart before he shoots his big creamy load all over Stewart. Olsen then shoves his dripping dick back in Stewart, seeding the boy’s worked hole.


Watch The Full Video – President Olsen Breeds Elder Stewart

Patriarch Smith and President Olsen bareback Elder Stewart in Setting Apart at Mormonboyz 01


Patriarch Smith and President Olsen bareback Elder Stewart in Setting Apart at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – President Olsen Breeds Elder Stewart


  10 Comments to “Mormonboyz – Patriarch Smith, President Olsen, Elder Stewart – Setting Apart”

  1. Ugh. What’s to say? Really? New year, same old stuff: the older guys stay all but completely covered, one’s handsome face even masked, the twink is stripped and loaded at both ends, yadda yadda yadda. If you miss this one, they’ll be another like it without waiting two months.

    But if imagination and daring were going to rule in 2017, Hillary Clinton would be attending fittings of her Inaugural Ball gown.

    • Same old fucking stuff, nothing new. Plus both the old guys aren’t really into the gay sex just go watch them do EVERYTHING even eating pussy, but they won’t do shit on the gay site. They clearly just want the gay money to subsidize that hetero site, which they clearly love. Hopefully more people open their eyes, because i don’t think many know about that site.

      • I have yet to figure out who the hardcore subscriber is to this site. The owner stated they don’t want to see dads fuck dads — and only slightly more interest in lads fucking dads. So they must either be bottoms who picture themselves in the submissive role — or they are older guys who really only watch to see boys fucked — and picture themselves as the tops. On another blog, there are a few guys who loves the daddies– but I think more are bottoms who want to be fucked by dads — but there are also a few guys like me who would prefer to fuck the dads — and would like to see them fucked some day. I don’t know why owner is so afraid of diversity — it’s not like the subscribers are going to quit just because a dad bottoms occasionally (though I doubt either Nelson or Oaks will ever give up their holes — I would probably consider joining the hetero site to see a mormongirl stap on a dildo and fuck both of them silly). If the subscribers are fans of the boys bottoming — which happens weekly — I can’t see the unsubscribing just because a lad tops a dad. There are plenty of sites I’ve subscribed to — and have never quite just because I wasn’t into the guys fucking or being fucked. Hell, I’ve joined men.com on occasion — and they only have about one or two scenes per month that really appeal to me.

  2. I can tell Olsen must be a good looking man even his face covered with an eagle mask..
    Unmark and show us your handsome face next time!

  3. Dear Mensparkle
    thanks for the impressive photo of the cum shots by the boy and his daddy.

    • That’s why I love this blog. 🙂
      MenSparkle is the only blog that has cum shots in almost every single post he made. Great Job!

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