Aug 022016

Barebacking a young wannabe programmer and a sexy gym instructor at Debtdandy


It’s nice to see two hot new updates in a row at Debtdandy. Two handsome straight jocks who need money to pay their big debts get their tight virgin assed popped up raw. Watch the cameraman bareback these two hotties until he uploads his hot load on them.

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The cameraman barebacks a hot young straight programmer in Debt Dandy 149 at Debtdandy


This hot straight muscle jock is a programmer. He needs money to pay the rent and loan installments. So he offers his tight virgin ass to the cameraman. Watch the cameraman bareback the boy’s virgin manhole mercilessly until he shoots his load on his chest.

Watch The Full Video – Barebacking A Young Programmer’s Virgin Ass


The cameraman barebacks a good-looking gym instructor in Debt Dandy 150 at Debtdandy


This badass works as a gym instructor. He looks like sexy Italian soccer player Francesco Totti to some degree. Watch the cameraman bareback this good-looking dude’s tight virgin ass until he uploads his hot load onto his chest.

Watch The Full Video – A Hot Gym Instructor Gets His Cherry Popped Up Raw


 Posted on August 2, 2016

  2 Comments to “Debtdandy – Debt Dandy 149 & 150 – Two Goodlooking Straight Dudes Get Fucked Raw”

  1. the blonde is cute but his pigtail looks ridiculous

  2. agreed. the 2nd guy is all around sexy, except his dumb haircut with a thin ponytail

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