Jun 092016

President Oaks creampies Elder Sorensen in The Covenant and Bonds Of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz


Cute missionary Elder Sorensen’s trial is going in the new chapter “The Covenant” and “Bonds Of Brotherhood”. Watch silver fox President Oaks bareback Sorensen in several positions until he creampies Sorensen.

President Nelson guides Sorensen into Mormon temples while Oaks has been waiting. Oaks strips Sorensen bare and sucks Sorensen’s dick before Sorensen blows Oaks.

Oaks barebacks Sorensen in sideway, cowboy, reverse cowgirl and missionary style as Nelson is watching them. Nelson gets turned on. He can not help playing with nipples and stroking his thick cock.

The feel of Sorensen’s tight ass engulfing his cock sends Oaks over the cliff of desire. Oaks speeds up the pace until he shoots his juicy load completely inside of Sorensen. Look at Oaks’ hot cum drip out of Sorensen’s pink hole.


Watch The Full Video – President Oaks Creampies Elder Sorensen

President Oaks creampies Elder Sorensen in The Covenant and Bonds Of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz 01


President Oaks creampies Elder Sorensen in The Covenant and Bonds Of Brotherhood at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – President Oaks Creampies Elder Sorensen


  4 Comments to “Mormonboyz – President Oaks, Elder Sorensen, President Nelson – The Covenant and Bonds Of Brotherhood”

  1. Actually, Covenant and Bonds left me worriedly wondering if poor ‘President Nelson’ got full pay for a couple clips where he’s left to pretty much stand around and watch. Oaks, as always looks and plays deliciously, but I too have given up expecting happy surprises from MB product and understand alex’s frustration fully.

  2. Eh, I’m a bit bewildered by the gay community. I don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t love to see guys in authority on the receiving end for a change (even a spanking would be hot). I’m not saying every week, but we haven’t seen a daddy bottom since January I think. Haven’t their customers ever fantasized about fucking a hot teacher?! I guess mboyz appeals to a different clientele, and the owner is happy with the customers he has (cause I’m certainly signing up again to see Dudley and especially Sorenson take a dick for the umpteenth time. That said, the recent images with Angus at least showed off his great ass. Love his body and his zeal – and that he takes it on occasion (always hot). And being that Ricci gave it to him last time, turnaround is fair play (well, for some people). But at least Oaks gets naked whenever he appears — can’t say that about all the daddies.Also agree that Nelson would look better with some body hair — older guys who are all shaved look like they are trying to hard! Still hoping for another spinoff site where the mdadz fuck each other. Hell, I’d even pay to see them fucked by some mladiez with strap onz (but no trannies).

    • I’m an old-timer, alex, bought my first gay porn on videocassette in 1981 when any A-shelf title hit you for a hundred bucks. (For the record, and still have it, Hand-In-Hand’s “Sex Magic” from 1977).

      I remember business pioneers like Richard Locke, Al Parker, Will Seagers and Jack Wrangler, when they were alive, healthy and sex was with no condoms and no fear. All of them decidedly daddy types, all of them also left a respective hefty share of themselves bottoming. Ever since, my attitude has been that if iconic figures like Parker and Wrangler can give their all for our entertainment, nobody in gay porn since has a hiney so precious it can’t be touched. Maybe that’s why I was never among the ranks who thought later fellows like Jeff Stryker and Ryan Idol were the be-all and end-all. Stryker’s pretty boy preening and bossy stance still rankles me to this day, and yes, Idol certainly was gorgeous in his time, but aloof and cold as a statue.

      I share your frustration, I assure you alex, and not just with Mormon Boyz. Ridiculous holdouts like Jack King, Tim Kruger and Jimmy Durano make me fume too. It’s not supposed to be about what they like, but their willingness to throw themselves into the work to please an audience. Alas, I feel part of the fault is a now long-accustomed willingness by a substantial percentage of male erotica consumers to tolerate gay-for-pay that has fostered a long list of names who won’t do this and won’t do that. (For a contemporary example: next month, it’ll be a year since Paddy O’Brian sucked dick even once.)

  3. Sorensen looks a bit feminine to me, but he does have a nice ass. It would be nice to see Oaks and Nelson flip-fuck though.

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