May 312016

A Sneak Peek Dato Foland & Hector De Silva flip-fucking of at Drillmyhole


It’s time to introduce hot new scenes at in June. Besides from the new episode of X-Men gay porn parody, we will see hot Russian muscle hunk Dato Foland come back and get his bubble ass fucked again.

Dato returned to gay porn just 3 months ago. He topped Carter Dane and Logan Moore at Menatplay. Dato will flip-fuck Hector De Silva this time. It’s hot as hell watching Dato take a hard dick up his hot muscle butt again after 2 year hiatus.

Pyro (Paul Canon) will fuck Iceman (Mike De Marko) in X-Men gay porn parody part 2. Aquiles Paris and Jordan Easton are still new to me. They only shot 1 scene respectively at before. Aquiles will plow hot Spanish hunk Flex’s muscle ass.

Hot jock Colton Grey will bottom and top in two new scenes. Alex Mecum flip-fucking hairy daddy Dirk Caber is also a hot scene you could keep an eye on. More HD pictures and reviews will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Watch The Full Video – 10 Upcoming Hot Scenes in June, 2016


A Sneak Peek of Bennett Anthony fucking Colton Grey at Drillmyhole


[Jun 01] “Just Like Dad Part 1“, Bennett Anthony Fucks Colton Grey


A Sneak Peek of Alex Mecum fucking Brendan Phillips at Drillmyhole


[Jun 02] “Irresponsible Part 1“, Alex Mecum Fucks Brendan Phillips


A Sneak Peek of Paul Canon fucking Mike De Marko at Str8togay


[Jun 04] “X-Men A Gay XXX Parody Part 2“, Paul Canon Fucks Mike De Marko


A Sneak Peek of Aspen & Diego Sans fucking Brenner Bolton at Drillmyhole


[Jun 05] “Double Timing Husband“, Aspen & Diego Sans Fuck Brenner Bolton


A Sneak Peek Dato Foland & Hector De Silva flip-fucking of at Drillmyhole 01


[Jun 06] “Please Stay“, Dato Foland & Hector De Silva Flip-Fuck


A Sneak Peek of Aquiles Paris fucking Flex at Drillmyhole


[Jun 07] “Truth Or Dare Part 1“, Aquiles Paris Fucks Flex


A Sneak Peek of Colton Grey fucking Jordan Easton at Drillmyhole


[Jun 08] “Just Like Dad Part 2“, Colton Grey Fucks Jordan Easton


A Sneak Peek of Alex Mecum & Dirk Caber flip-fucking at Drillmyhole


[Jun 09] “Irresponsible Part 2“, Alex Mecum & Dirk Caber Flip-Fuck


Watch The Full Video – 10 Upcoming Hot Scenes in June, 2016


  11 Comments to “Men – 10 Hot New Scenes Starring Dato Foland, Aquiles Paris, Colton Grey, Alex Mecum, Jordan Easton, Flex and More”

  1. Uh-oh, looks like Diego’s hair is gonna get stupid again. Good to see Bennett back. And Dirk, this is much more like it; keep away from that fisting and piss stuff. You don’t need it.

    Jordan Easton was just featured today, topped by my man Colby Jansen. <3 Succinctly titled "Shut Up and Fuck Me," it's good, but I resent the whiff of Colby being 'dumped' at the end of the month like some afterthought.

  2. Why would the pair Rod Peterson with Johnny Rapid?! Was hoping to see Ricky Larkin or Tony Paradise show up — but no such luck. Maybe I’ll be surprised in the second half of June…

    • agree, where did Tony Paradise go? he’s back several months ago but suddenly disappeared again, Dato and Tony would be fucking hot together

    • there are two Johnny Rapid’s scenes before Jun 10th. mensparkle intentionally skipped them. Seems everyone’s been tired of johnny. lol

      • Well, Johnny has more than 150 scenes at Honestly, I think he is over exposed. It does not matter if I omit his two scenes.

      • Well, it’s June 3rd, and the first of the two Rapid’s is there, Johnny getting tag-teamed by Jason Maddox and Will Braun – both hooded. This has always struck me as squandering assets. You’ve got a company with call on some of the handsomest men in porn, men whose name-recognition is largely thanks to your company’s expert promotion efforts ,,,then you feature them covered up. The wisdom in that continues to escape me. (Masked, sweating heads had to take some of the fun out of fucking for Maddox and Braun too.)

        Another thing I noticed. In those recent instances where Rapid tops, he’s typically sporting some becoming facial hair; when he returns to his more famous bottom-boy station, he’s freshly clean-shaven. Hmmm.

  3. I am waiting paddy’s bottoming scene in the x-men parody. maybe in the second half of the month

  4. do we have a new T2B this month?

    • The sneak peek is up to Jun 10th. Only the director carrying the brand knows when the new T2B will be available.

    • Don’t think it will be this month — there hasn’t been any teaser. Last T2B was Dec. 31 — so would be nice to see one soon, but they seem to be very sporadic. Part of the problem is that doesn’t really have a lot of performers currently who have never bottomed. They’d have to recruit someone — and probably could afford the paying price.

      • Well either that, or they just have to find a bottom and tell them to hold their anal itch for sometimes before letting them do w/e they want. I’m referring to Will Braun lol. Hes going to town on getting fucked.

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