Apr 102016

Hot silver fox President Oaks barebacks Elder Dudley in Washing, Anointing and Initiation at Mormonboyz


It’s a great pairing of the hottest missionary and the hottest daddy at Mormonboyz. Watch hot silver fox President Oaks bareback handsome Elder Dudley’s tight ass nice and deep until Oaks blows his hot load.

Handsome Dudley has become my favorite missionary. Without a doubt, Oaks is the most popular daddy at Mormonboyz. Oaks is almost into anything. He has no problem kissing a guy, sucking dick or fucking a guy.

This scene is great not only because both guys are hot as fuck, but also they have good chemistry. The big smiles on Oaks and Dudley’s face tell you they really enjoy having sex with each other.

Oaks explores Dudley’s hot naked body and bubble ass before he barebacks Dudley in doggy and missionary style. Oaks uploads his hot cum onto Dudley’s abs before they swap a sweet kiss. I really hope Oaks could push his limits and bottom up some day. 😀


Watch The Full Video – Hot Silver Fox President Oaks Barebacks Elder Dudley

Hot silver fox President Oaks barebacks Elder Dudley in Washing, Anointing and Initiation at Mormonboyz 01


Hot silver fox President Oaks barebacks Elder Dudley in Washing, Anointing and Initiation at Mormonboyz 02


Watch The Full Video – Hot Silver Fox President Oaks Barebacks Elder Dudley


  9 Comments to “Mormonboyz – President Oaks Fucks Handsome Elder Dudley – Washing, Anointing and Initiation”

  1. hot daddy tops again. I am looking forward to what alex and dvlaries are gonna say about this scene. upset again? haha

    • Hi Willy

      You can enjoy daddy on top only, that’s fine. But others also have their fantasy – seeing hot daddy bottom up. it’s the diversity of sex fantasy. No need to laugh people who think the other way, right?

  2. What dvlaries has to say is that yesterday I repeatedly glimpsed “Elder Foster Submission” 3/06/16, so now I feel less inclined to complain here, since Oaks with his clothes off is at least less frustrating as Smith will all of his kept on.

    I believe alex is even more impatient, and I don’t blame him. I’ve also noticed, with Oaks and Nelson more front and center lately, Angus and Smith have gotten kind of idle. As eager as we are for all of these ‘hot daddy tops’ to get a little versatile, it has to have occurred to Mormon Boys, that every Patriarch, Bishop, President or Brother who moves on before the least anal surrendering, isn’t a point that’s going to increase subscriptions.

    In addition, the rituals that the elders are passed through all but require them to seem wan and passive, and this greatly prevents them from establishing any personality. Little wonder they don’t become memorable; they’re not only bottoms, but they’re unassertive bottoms. Sure feels like some formulas would be helped by a little overhaul.

  3. This will be my last comment for a while, because I feel site is in a rut, and every new update feels like old news. Yes, it’s nice to see Oaks naked and showing off his ass as he fucks the elder (I can’t imagine why these guys ever keep their clothes on — even if they aren’t getting fucked — surely the younger guys would be more turned on by seeing the daddy type naked. But I actually thought it was hotter when Dudley was fucked the last time by Nelson — as he was slowly stripped and then slowly fucked. And those silly gowns have to go — they aren’t sexy. Seeing a guy passed around from top to top is hardly interesting viewing. DV is absolutely correct in that the bottoms are so passive — they may as well be inflatable dolls. I guess a hole is a hole, but I’d have a hard time getting it for some of these boyz. If they want to get more mileage out of these elders, they need to feature them in a variety of sexual situations — not just as disposable bottoms.

  4. I am considering checking out this site but I am wondering if I should after reading these comments. A lot of the men look hot but I am wondering is it just silent fucking (nothing uttered from top or bottom) or is there some grunts and dirty talk.

    • they do have grunts or moans. Bishop Angus moans loudly as being fucked. it’s pretty hot.

      • I’d say it’s worth a one-month membership. They had a good backlog of scenes. It’s just lately they’ve become so repetitive with the bottoms almost indistinguishable. And the site has almost a strict dads top and lads bottom theme — which kept me from retaining membership.

    • Well Matt, if I were stopping myself with only one subscription, it would be a battle between Men dot com (because my dearest Colby Jansen is an exclusive there, and Men seems to have some call on all of the hot gentlemen in gay erotica today) and Sean Cody, simply because I find the spirit in their productions to be the most life-affirming, positive representation of uncomplicated male lust, even when I don’t find this or that one my ‘type.’

      But neither would I want to discourage anyone from sampling Mormon as well. The fact that many postings at Men Sparkle come and go with no comments from us all, and Mormon seems to unfailingly prompt us to pipe up, you could take as some assurance that their product frequently fosters plenty of fascination to go with the measure of frustration you’re also reading. – Dave

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