Feb 112016

Luke's 3 new bottoming scenes in which he gets fucked raw by Jasper, Kellan and Tobias at Corbinfisher


After Luke’s bottoming debut, I am glad to see this hot college jock bottom more often. Today, I bring you Luke’s 3 new bottoming scenes in which Luke flip-fucks Jasper, and bottoms for Kellan and Tobias.

Hot muscle jock Luke lost his anal virginity to Jacob (Check my post: Jacob Barebacks Luke’s Virgin Ass). Since then, Luke gets used to bottoming. It turns me on watching Luke take a hard raw cock up his tight ass like a pro.

Watch The Full Video – Lukes Bottoms for Jasper, Kellan and Tobias


Luke and Jasper flip-fuck raw until Luke fucks the cum out of Jasper at Corbinfisher


Both Jasper and Luke are popular stars at Corbinfisher. They wake up in the morning, horny as fuck. Watch Luke and Jasper take turns barebacking each other’s tight asses until Luke pounds a juicy load out of Jasper.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Jocks Jasper and Luke Flip-Fuck Raw


Kellan barebacks Luke before he fucks the cum out of Luke at Corbinfisher


A pairing of Luke and Kellan have been requested many times by fans. The two make out, blowing and rimming each other with passion. Watch Kellan bareback Luke in reverse cowgirl and missionary style until he fucks a sticky load out of Luke.

Watch The Full Video – Kellan Fucks the Cum out of Luke


Tobias barebacks Luke before he seeds Luke's tight hole at Corbinfisher


Luke’s latest bottoming scene was just released yesterday. Hot college dude Tobias finger fucks Luke’s tight manhole and barebacks Luke hard and deep before he fucks the cum out of Luke and breeds Luke.

Watch The Full Video – Hot College Dude Tobias Breeds Luke


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