Dec 062015

Handsome muscle jocks Brennan, Hoyt and Keegan shoot their creamy loads at Seancody


I am so glad to bring you three gorgeous new muscle jocks Brennan, Hoyt and Keegan at Seancody. Watch these sexy men show off their hot ripped bodies before they stroke their big thick loads out of their hard boners.

I have to say Seancody did a great job to show us these super hot new guys recently. Brennan, Hoyt and Keegan are sexy, masculine and ripped jocks I am attracted to.

Watch The Full Video – Hot New Muscle Jocks Brennan, Hoyt & Keegan Jerk Off


Masculine hunk Brennan shows off his hot ripped body and shoots his sticky loads at Seancody


Hot macho hunk Brennan is Seancody superstar Brandon’s friend. They work out together at the gym quite often. Brennan has one of most beautiful abs in porn. Watch Brennan play with his dick before he jerks a nice sticky load out of his hard pole.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Macho Hunk Brennan Shoots His Sticky Loads


Tall, handsome muscle jock Hoyt strokes two big thick loads out of his hard cock at Seancody


With the height of 6’4″, Hoyt maybe is the tallest model at Seancody. Hoyt is a good-looking guy with a tight bubble ass and a thick cock. Hoyt is also a big cummer. Watch Hoyt jerk two huge thick loads out of his hard cock.

Watch The Full Video – Handsome Muscle Jock Hoyt Shoots Two Huge Thick Loads


Rugged handsome muscle jock Keegan shows off his ripped body and shoots his creamy loads at Seancody


Keegan is the newest model at Seancody. His solo debut will be released tonight (Dec 07th, 2015). With his scruffy look, hot ripped body and tight muscle butt, Keegan definitely is a hot guy you could keep an eye on. I hope Keegan can come back shooting duo scenes.

Watch The Full Video – Rugged Handsome New Muscle Jock Keegan Jerks Off


  2 Comments to “Seancody – Brennan, Hoyt, Keegan – Hot Muscle Jocks Overload”

  1. Hoyt anytime, Keegan not bad, Brennen no to the duck face

  2. Brennan’s six-packs are so beautiful.

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