Sep 092015

Damien Crosse and Caio Veyron fuck hot macho hunk Flex's muscle butt


It’s always nice to see hot macho hunk Flex get his bubble ass plowed. Watch Damien Crosse fuck Flex hard and deep at and big-dicked Caio Veyron fucks the cum out of Flex at Timtales.

Watch The Full Video – Hot Macho Hunk Flex Bottoms for Damien Crosse & Caio Veyron


Damien Crosse fucks macho hunk Flex before they give each other hot facials at Drillmyhole


Damien Crosse and Flex are a nice pairing. Both guys are masculine, sexy and ripped. Damien fucked Flex once at Staghomme. This is the second time Damien nails Flex’s muscle butt. Watch Damien slam fuck Flex until they give each other hot facials.

Watch The Full Video – Damien Crosse Plows Flex’s Muscle Ass


Hot hung Brazilian stud Caio Veyron fucks the cum out of masculine bodybuilder Flex at Timtales


Flex tests his limits by taking Brazilian stud Caio Veyron’s huge dick up his muscle butt. It’s hot as hell watching Caio’s monster cock slide in out of Flex’s butthole like a pump. Watch Caio fuck the cum out of Flex and dump his big load onto Flex’ sexy hairy chest.

Watch The Full Video – Big-dicked Caio Veyron Fucks the Cum out of Flex


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