Sep 062012

beefy straight blond Lars gets serviced and shots a big load at Chaosmen 01


Lars just seems like a big beefy straight guy to me. He wasn’t too sure about getting head from a guy, but thought the massage table setting would work. I had it all set up for Deryck’s shoot and when he saw the table, he volunteered into doing that theme. The TV is going for him to look at like, much like any Serviced video, and he certainly takes the opportunity to view it. But what I find enjoyable is when you can clearly see he is having a moment of total bliss as he writhes around in ecstasy. His facial expressions are priceless!

beefy straight blond Lars gets serviced and shots a big load at Chaosmen 02


Watch The Full Video – Lars Serviced

He starts off quiet and unsure, especially since Ransom focused on his ass at the outset. He seemed to like it, but it didn’t wake his cock up like I would have liked. Ransom flips him over and immediately sets himself to getting Lars properly hard. Ransom pulls out all his tricks and he finally gets Lars up and strong. Once he has him hard, he stops to massage his body, teasing his cock with a nudge every now and then.

I had told Ransom that Lars was quite the shooter so he jerked his cock hard and fast, but with his face at a distance so he could get sprayed. Sure enough Lars shot fast and furiously all over Ransom’s face. Safety Glasses anyone? Ransom licks the cum and there is spit and jizz everywhere!


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