Aug 102012


A very hot update from Williamhiggins. Petr Morava is straight and SO fucking hot. I am not sure if it’s the first time for Petr to do hardcore. Petr kisses, sucks cock, gets rimmed and fingered, then gets fucked deep and hard by Ivan! And ever better, he ends up getting a cumming facial. It’s a hot scene I can watch over and over again. I will follow his every video since now. 😀


Watch The Full Video – Petr & Petr Morava & Ivan Cakovsky

I was very keen to get the handsome Petr Morava in action with another guy, and he needed money, so we set him up for a shoot with Ivan Cakovsky, to see what we could get him to do. After an interview Ivan starts things off, by reaching over and rubbing Petr’s chest. Then he starts to kiss him. Petr responds to the kissing with no problem at all. Ivan then moves down and licks on Petr’s nipples, while rubbing a hand of his crotch as well. Next Ivan pulls Petr’s underwear off, and we see that his cock is hard. Ivan wastes no time and takes the cock in his mouth. He is a sucker par excellence and really works on Petr’s rock hard cock.

Petr seems to be enjoying his cock being sucked, but is a little reticent when it is suggested that he return the favor. However he does, and Ivan gets on his knees so that his cock can clide easily into Petr’s mouth. Petr wanks himself as he sucks on Ivan’s large cock. He does a good job with the sucking as well, and Ivan places a hand on the back of his head and begins to fuck his cock in and out of the mouth. The guys then switch to a 69 position with Ivan on top. His cock slides fits snugly in Petr’s mouth as he leans over to suck as well. Ivan pulls Petr’s ass high in the air and leans over to rim it. His tongue laps as the hole, wetting it very nicely. Then he starts to finger the hole as well.

Petr is doing very well indeed, so Ivan moves on to the next step and slides his cock into that tight ass. In spoon position he fucks Petr nice and deep. Petr takes it very well and then he is moved onto his knees, with Ivan behind him, fucking his hot ass again. Petr moans as he feels that cock deep in his ass, and he wanks his cock hard at the same time. He loves how his ass feels and is soon shooting his load, the cum spurting out and landing on the bed. Ivan is ready to cum as well and kneels in front of Petr’s face and shoots his creamy load all over his face. Petr then takes Ivan’s spent cock in his mouth to drain it completely, before kissing him to end a really good first time scene.

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