Aug 192012

manly rugged tony gets fingerd and stroked at Straightfraternity 01


This masculine straight muscle guy Tony gets tied and blindfolded. After served by a nice blowjob, Tony moans when he gets his virgin muscle ass fingered. A helping hand strokes Tony’s big dick harder and faster. Tony can not stand it anymore and finally shoots his big load… If you like the niche of torturing straight men, you’re gonna like this one.

manly rugged tony gets fingerd and stroked at Straightfraternity 02


Watch The Full Video – Masculine Straight Guy Tony Fingered and Jerked Off

I picked up Tony because he seemed adventurous, and because I heard he has a big, uncut dick. I quickly tie Tony to the hazing chair and start feeling him up. I pinch and tickle him and get a taste of that foreskin

I come in from an angle and deep-throat Tony’s dick in one swoop. Then while I’m jacking him, I press on his balls and taint. I can tell by Tony’s bucking hips that he wants more, so I lube up a finger and stick it inside him

I finger-fuck Tony’s hole until he can’t take it any more. It’s time to make him cum. I squeeze Tony’s balls while I stroke and lick his dick faster and faster. He unloads all over my hand, and I suck his sensitive cock clean


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