Aug 152012

muscle guy Christian solo at Seancody 01


Congrats to Seancody. They find another hottie – Christian, a handsome muscle jock. Christian has a little bit hairy chest and a thick cock. His smile is so cute! He told Seancody that he wants to fool around with a guy, and he keeps slightly fingering his tight muscle hole in this solo scene. So we can expect more. It easily makes my dick hard once I think this hot muscle dude could get fucked later. 😀

muscle guy Christian solo at Seancody 02


Watch The Full Video – Christian Busts a Nut

Christian is a big, beefy guy! This 25-year old kind of looks like a muscle head, but when he speaks you can tell he’s a sensitive boy! “Im a big softy,” he admitted with a smile. “I can see that now,” I replied. “You had me worried!” He laughed. “Thanks… people seem to be scared of me at first. But I just want hugs!” During his visit, Christian was extremely friendly and a little flirtatious. He was shooting winks everywhere and even grabbed a few asses!

“I guess I’m just a little frisky,” he said. “Maybe it’s the cameras! I’m in my element here!” Once his shirt came off I was pleasantly surprised to see some fur. “You’re a hairy guy!” “Yeah. I have to trim it every once in a while or it gets a little unruly.” I tried to convince him to grow it out a little. Nothing better than a nice furry guy! “Maybe next time I’m out here,” he said. Christian was very eager to talk about his desires.

“I want to fool around with a guy,” he confessed. “I’ve thought about it before but never had a chance to talk about it.” Once we got going, Christian kept sliding fingers over his hole and tugging on his nuts. “I like to tug on my nuts,” he said. “It really makes my dick rock hard!” I think there are some interesting possibilities here!


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