Aug 112012


This is a update we are waiting for. Fans-favorite top Zeb Atlas fucks sexy Landon Conrad. Pure masculine man on man sex. Zeb is 100% straight but he did very well on crossing line. Not every gay-for-pay performer can do what Zeb did. Kissing, sucking dick and slam-fucking – Zeb did everything just like a gay performer will do. Landon looks hot with his beard look and hairy body. And Landon cums getting fucked by Zeb at the end. A smoking hot update from RagingStallion.


Watch The Full Video – Zeb Atlas & Landon Conrad

Zeb Atlas towers over his extremely horny co-worker, Landon Conrad, who sports scruff on his handsome face and hair on his chiseled chest. Sucking away, Landon is busy gulping furiously on Zeb’s thick cock intensely deep-throating the meaty tool. The two construction workers smother each other with gritty kisses. Then, the hulky he-man blows Landon. It’s not long before Zeb wants more. He wants to bury his huge tool in Landon’s ass, and the burly stud gets what he wants.

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