Aug 182012

Scotty Dean gets touched, rimmed and serviced Jakecruise 01


Many fans will be jealous of Jake daddy today. He is so lucky to get another new hottie – Scotty Dean. Jake touches every part of Scotty’s body with his tongue and hands. Scotty’s hot virgin ass gets rimmed deep by Jake. Then Jake strokes Scotty’s monster manhood to make Scotty bust a nut in his mouth. A very hot service scene!

Scotty Dean gets touched, rimmed and serviced Jakecruise 02


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It’s my lucky day! Scotty Dean has ventured up from San Diego to play with me. He has an absolutely incredible body. One of the tightest I’ve ever gotten my paws on. And his ass. Let’s just say I need to be careful while my tongue is down there because if he flexes his cheeks I could be done for! Scotty Dean smiles and laughs as I poke his delicious cock through his underwear fly.

He packs a beauty, and I swallow every last inch of it.  As I strip him out of his clothes and shoes I find that his feet are just as tasty as the rest of him. Everything about Scotty is nearly perfect! I could spend days exploring this hot young man. But I can’t wait that long for Scotty Dean’s yummy cum. A little squirt of Swiss Navy lube and I jerk him until he squirts into my mouth. A delicious end to an incredible time with Scotty!


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