Aug 092012


Van Wilder is back on and we have our favorite Puerto Rican Ginger, Steven Ponce, in the house to help handle all things Wilder. Van is lying back on the couch flipping through a porn mag when Steven comes in and decides to take matters into his own hands. “You won’t need this anymore” he says as he takes the magazine out of Van’s hands and grabs Van’s boner with the other…


Watch The Full Video – Van Wilder & Steven Ponce

The rain outside starts to come down just as Steven follows suit opening wide and going down on Van’s huge cock. Van grabs Steven’s head as he forcefully fucks his throat. He lies back and just watches as his pussy loving pole gets worshipped by Steven who is ablaze slobbering all over that dick unable to get enough of it. Van then gets Steven in the chair before climbing on top of him so he can shove that dick deeper down his throat.

Steven chokes and gags on it as Van fucks his face. Van needs more than a hot mouth at this point, so he suits up and watches as Steven sits on his thick dick. Van isn’t one to wait and as soon as he has a few inches inside him he starts to slam that dick up into Steven. Van then holds Steven still as he slams that cock deep him. Steven winces and groans as Van just pumps his ass. He then takes Steven up over the chaise before bending him over and slamming back in.

Steven is taking it like a man as Van punishes that hole with his massive dick. Steven then gets on his back as Van fucks him missionary. Van’s fat dick slides back inside with ease as Steven begs for more. Steven can’t hold back and explodes all over himself as Van fucks him. Van then pulls out and brings the party North as he strokes his monster cock inches from Steven’s face as he gives him a belated Birthday Facial. Awww, how fuckin’ thoughtful.

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