Aug 162012

Jacques LaVere jacking off his big cock at Extrabigdicks 01


“C’est Magnifique!” This week’s update is nothing short of magnificent as we add quite a bit of French flavor as hung Jacques LaVere joins us! As the scene opens we find Jacques standing in front of the TV watching some porn as his hands start to roam. He slides his hand up beneath his shirt to feel his smooth abs and chest before peeling off his tee.

Jacques LaVere jacking off his big cock at Extrabigdicks 02


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Due south of that is what appears to be a rather large tent in his black shorts. Hmmm. Jacques slides his hands inside as he starts to tug at his fat uncut dick. Jacques drops his shorts and sits back on the floor in his blue and white striped boxers. His cock is rock hard as he plays with it. The boxers aren’t able to hold it much longer as Jacques takes it out of the side. Jacques concedes and hauls it out and starts to stroke his huge cock. He looks up at the camera and gives us a wink. He knows what he’s packing and he knows you want it. Standing with his pride and glory at attention, Jacques starts to stroke his fat cock wiith both hands.

Jacques playfully swings his cock from side to side showing off what he’s got. Jacques then sits back; gets more comfortable and spreads his hairy legs apart. He watches the action on the screen as he beats that fat French dick getting it closer and closer to the climax it’s craving. Jacques can’t hold off any longer and moans as he announces “Oh Shit, I’m gonna -ugh!” as his cock erupts sending load after load of cum all over splattering him from faint happy trail all the way up to his shoulders. Lucky for us someone was a bit backed up! Now to clean up…any takers?


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