Aug 182012

Evan Mercy pounds twink Luke Whyte then fleshjacking at Circlejerkboys 01


Today on we welcome Evan Mercy & Luke Whyte. “What you got there?” Luke asks as Evan toys with a new Fleshjack. He’d seen them online but had never tried one out. Evan lets him have it as Luke immediately pulls it out of the box to see what it feels like. “You’ve never used one before?’ grins Evan “Lemme show ya”.

Evan Mercy pounds twink Luke Whyte then fleshjacking at Circlejerkboys 02


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Evan undoes his pants as he frees his dick that’s already rock hard with anticipation. He slides it inside and starts to stroke his cock with it. Evan is moaning as he works his cock with the jack. Luke’s own dick is feeling left out as he takes his cock out and asks for some help. Evan hands over the fleshjack to get Luke going. Luke lubes up his dick and slides it in. He asks Evan if he’s doing it right as Evan takes over for him and starts to pump the jack up and down on Luke’s cock. Luke lies back as he gets his cock jacked by Evan.

As Luke puts his head back and closes his eyes Evan makes his move and replaces the fleshjack with his own mo! uth. He starts sucking Luke’s cock which is way hotter than any toy. Evan plays with Luke’s balls as he swallows his dick deep. Evan sucks his cock for a while before getting up to let Luke return the favor. Luke slides onto his knees as he slides Evan’s dick down his throat as he slides his own back into the jack. He fucks the jack as Evan fucks his face. Soon Evan’s dick needs something a lot tighter as he gets Luke’s legs in the air and his cock up inside that hairy ass. “I love this better than the fleshjack”.

Evan moans as he picks up the pace burying his hard, country cock inside. Evan then lies on his side beside Luke as he continues to feed that hole. Evan’s cock is hitting Luke in all the right places and Luke loves the new experience. Evan bends Luke over and taps that ass doggy style. They then lie back, cocks together as they share the fleshjack making it even tighter. That warm sensation wrapped around both their dicks does the trick as they both explode all over themselves leaving them a cum-drenched mess. Just the kind we like.


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