Aug 032012


We’re all in for a treat as we welcome back Devin Adams to and joining him is a new hottie to our site Chase Young. Devin is asleep on the couch when Chase comes in to wake him up.


“Wake up, Dude we gotta go!” Devin flips over and is popping some serious wood in his tight briefs. “You have a good dream’ Chase grins ‘or you just happy to see me?” Devin tells him it was definitely a dream with him in it. Chase decides he needs to get a closer look as he drops to his knees between Devin’s legs. He pulls down his briefs freeing Devin’s rock hard cock and goes to work. He finally swallows it to the hilt and starts to savor every delicious inch. Devin just moans as he watches his dick get worshipped.

He gets curious about what else Chase may have to offer and sits up as he gets that dick worked. He then slides his hand down Chase’s back into his shorts checking out his smooth ass. He gets Chase up and strips his shorts off leaving him in a hot jock strap that fr! ames a rather spectacular ass. Devin is unable to resist and grabs that ass with both hands before shoving his face into it. He shoves his tongue deep into Chase’s puckered hole as he gets it nice and wet …and ready. Devin then flips Chase over and takes care of the tent in his jock strap as he frees his aching cock and gives it some attention. Devin swallows that dick with ease as Chase moans in appreciation.

Devin then sits back on the work out bench as Chase straddles him to make out. That leaves his hard cock conveniently close to one tight ass as Chase suits up and climbs on. He slides all the way down on that fat dick as he starts to ride Devin’s meat. “Ram that hole!” Chase orders as Devin obliges. Devin slams that cock harder and deeper inside as they both go at it. Missionary is next as Devin gets Chase on his back and impales him again. Chase can’t help but cum as Devin dicks him deep drenching his smooth abs and chest with cum. Devin then pulls out and delivers! a huge face full of cum all over his willing accomplice. Some! guys have ALL the luck…

Watch The Full Video – Devin Adams & Chase Young

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