Aug 212012

Straight jock Deryck Busts a nut solo at Chaosmen 01


I am not sure who talked Deryck into doing video work. His sister is an Out Proud lesbian who thinks her little bro will be popular with the dudes, plus she is a big fan of guy-guy gay porn (but NOT interested in seeing her brother!). But I think that was just coincidence as she tagged along to the shoot to make sure her brother wasn’t getting in over his head…

Straight jock Deryck Busts a nut solo at Chaosmen 02


Watch The Full Video – Deryck

She and her gay buddy arrived with Deryck who kind of was the typical straight guy and let everyone else dominate the conversation. He opened up once we were doing the photos, so I got to know just a little bit more about him. But over all his sister did most of the talking. He is 18 and the girls seem to go crazy over him. He says he never says much or has game, but they clearly gravitate naturally to him.

It’s kind of fun to see this country straight boy next to his rainbow flag wearing gay sister. Very different personalities but seem to get along great. When they both go looking for hot ladies they often have to flip coins on who is going home with who. Since his sister and her friend are gay, he clearly has very few issues with gay people, and I think he is pretty certain he can do an oral video, but beyond that he is not so sure. We will just have to wait and see!


 Posted on August 21, 2012  

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