Aug 082012


19 year old Mikel Correo had an ass that looked like a dream in tight white briefs and it didn’t take him long to find out his new roommate, 20 year old Gaston Volare thought so too when he walked and saw the site he could not resist.


Watch The Full Video – Gaston Volare & Mikel Correo

He was rubbing those cheeks and feeling his own boner as Mikel rolled over and the two got into a hot and heavy lip lock and that didn’t end until Gaston had liberated and swallowed Mikel’s thick uncut cock down to the base and Mike happily returned the favor. After a rapid fire 69, Mikel lubed up and took that now throbbing cock of Gaston’s for a spin, bouncing up and down until he leaned back and Gaston jacked Mikel’s cock while completed his test drive. Bending Mikel over, Gaston fucked that hungry ass deeper and faster, till Mikel leaned over and finished the job with his fist, giving himself a facial at the same time while spewing his own load all over Gaston’s still heaving abs.

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