Aug 112012


30 year old Gay Pornstar Mitch Vaughn, who also is a Licensed Masseuse, works his magic hands on 34 year old Construction Worker, Diego Vena. Diego lays face down on the massage table, while Mitch works his feet, upper thighs and buttocks…


Watch The Full Video – Mitch Vaughn & Diego Vena

He removes the towel and begins massaging Diego’s manhole. Mitch removes his tank top and continues to stroke and finger Diego’s furry hole. He can’t resist some wet rimming action and Diego does not protest! As Mitch leans at the head of the table, Diego begins sucking Mitch’s cock through his boxer briefs. He pulls them down and gets a hold of the real deal, with some deep throat sucking action.

Mitch leans across Diego and they 69 each other, devouring each others cocks. On the table on all 4’s, Mitch begins plowing Diego’s wet throbbing hole, showing him no mercy. On his back now, Mitch is hitting him hard that he loses his load across his abs. Mitch pulls out and blows multiple loads up to Diego’s shoulder, with an award winning release!

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