Aug 042012


Looks like Badpuppy finds another hottie. Jason Wolf looks like Randyblue model Dean Wildwood – cute boy-next-door twink with a huge dick. His pink hole is yummy and definitely needs more “attention”. Who is the lucky top for him?


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18 year old Jason Wolf is a full time student from the Czech Republic, in his first year of college. He’s at his apartment alone and has been studying all day. He’s ready to relax and rub out some frustrations. Sitting on the couch, rubbing himself and removes his clothes, he leans back, taking his firm uncut cock in hand and begins stroking, as he continues to rub his smooth body with the other hand. As he strokes, he loves the feeling of his balls bouncing up and down.

Jason lays down on his back, with his head on the arm of the couch, eyes closed, as he gets deeper and deeper into himself. He lifts his legs up to his chest and begins rubbing his fingers across his manhole. Next he kneels on the couch, with one leg on the floor and works his cock hard. Jason lays on his back across the couch arm, holding his knees up, stroking & massaging his hole. Knowing the Happy Ending is near, Jason lays down on the coffee table stroking fast and hard, blowing out his creamy load across his abs!

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