Aug 152012

Guy fucks Tanner's tight ass at Activeduty 01


Activeduty is thrilled to bring back Guy. He’s joined by Tanner for what promises to be a fired-up session. The letters have been pouring in asking for more of Guy since his only other hardcore scene for Active Duty, a three way with Korbin and Taylor. Now the 5′ 11″ Guy with the thick 8.5″ rod has returned to top shredded Tanner, one of their most popular new recruits.

Guy fucks Tanner's tight ass at Activeduty 02


Watch The Full Video – Guy Returns To Top Tanner

As the action starts, out comes Guy’s massive cock and Tanner is impressed, wondering where he could possibly store such a huge tool. As Tanner has been around the block a few times here, he knows the ropes, so he takes lead. After getting Guy’s underwear off, down Tanner goes, kissing Guy’s stomach and chest while jerking him off. After a minute of stroking, Tanner’s mouth finds its way to Guy’s dick, helping it get stiffer and stiffer. Guy seems to like it, as we see his hips slowly move up and down, helping push his cock farther into Tanner’s mouth. Things switch up, so Tanner is on his back. Guy climbs over and goes to work, sucking Tanner much to his enjoyment. Lots of slurping and gurgling ensues on Tanner’s part, where I think we hear just about every breath, swallow and gurgle he makes.

After some quick kisses, Tanner gets up on his knees, flips around and shows off his pretty ass to Guy, who starts slapping Tanner’s muscled cheeks. Guy tells Tanner to squeeze his cheeks, and he does, and it is a sight of firm, muscled glory. Guy slaps his ass a bit more and goes down to kiss it. Next, Guy comes up and starts slapping his big dick against Tanner’s ass and it’s insane. It’s so thick! It makes such a loud thunk-thunk against Tanner’s butt — just wait until you hear it. We get some up close shots of Tanner’s hole as Guy slaps his cock ever closer to it, alternating some slapping with light kissing.

Soon enough, Guy is spearing Tanner’s rump with his thick cock, squeezing his big log into him. All Tanner can do is grunt his way through the initial breakthrough, until Guy penetrates that seal, so to speak. Guy starts driving into Tanner, faster and faster, and all Tanner can do is pant and go “agh!” in return. Next, they get Tanner on his back, legs flung in the air as Guy gets between and goes to town. It’s all a blur of vibrating, moving, thrusting flesh now. Guy announces to Tanner that he’s going to cum, and a moment later, the loads start to fly all over Tanner’s chest. Whew!


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