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This week Jan Sadecky and Patrik Lukasz come together for a great raunchy duo. Patrik is tied up and his mouth is gagged open. Jan comes in and it is clear that his cock is already rock hard in his jock strap. He begins to work on Patrik, removing his head support and then licking his mouth and face. He really licks at that mouth as he pulls on Patrik’s nipples. Jan then starts kissing and licking the nipples and removes Patrik’s towel to show a throbbingly hard cock. He starts to suck on that cock, working his mouth over it and licking up and down the shaft. He takes his time enjoying it as Patrik is unable to do anything to prevent it. The sucking turns into biting as well including biting on the balls.

Then, after biting on Patrik’s nipples Jan takes a jacking aid and slides it over that hard cock. He wanks it for a while and then removes the aid, taking a knife and cutting it open to release the liquid all over Patrik. Next Jan removes the ring gag from Patrik’s mouth and forces him to suck cock. His big dick slides into Patrik’s mouth as he his helpless to prevent it. Jan has other ideas to and takes a dildo, attached to a broom handle, and pushes that into Patrik’s mouth as well. Patrik is laying there, legs tied and spread his his cock and balls nicely on view as the dildo fills his mouth. It is the perfect position for Jan’s next move, which is to shove the dildo into Patrik’s ass.

When he deems that ass is open enough Jan removes the dildo and replaces it with his big dick. He fucks that ass nice and deep before moving Patrik, so he is hanging in the air. That dick slides into Patrik’s ass again, right up to the hilt and the fucking begins again. Patrik takes it so well, his hole opening up for all he can get. Then Jan release Patrik and lays him on his back to fuck him some more. Patrik wanks his cock while taking Jan’s huge pole and soon shoots his load over his leg. That is enough for Jan and he pulls out and wanks himself to a climax over Patrik who dutifully cleans that cock off to end a wonderful scene.

Watch The Full Video – Jan Sadecky & Patrik Lukasz

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  1. poor patrik. He is very cute and adorable

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